Dropbox Transfer let you send Large Files
Dropbox Transfer let you send Large Files

Dropbox has launched a new service called Dropbox Transfer through which you could send large files to your clients or colleagues. What makes this new service great is, it gives you the ability to send a file or files of size upto 100GB via email. Typically, you could send a file or files of size upto 25MB via email. However, Dropbox Transfer extends this limit.

You can password protect the files and set an expiration time on it when you send via Dropbox Transfer. Dropbox says they are only sending the image of the files to the recipient. So, the original files always remain unchanged when you transfer it.

Dropbox Transfer also notifies you when the recipient completes downloading the files you send.

There is one more thing I like about Dropbox Transfer. When you complete uploading a file to Dropbox Transfer, there you get a link. Sharing this link to anyone gives them the ability to access the files. Now, here comes the exciting part. Dropbox Transfer gives you the ability to check the statistics of how many users have viewed or downloaded the files you share to someone.

This way, you could monitor the accessibility of your files to correct the number of persons.

Also to make this new service suitable for professional use, the Dropbox team gives you the ability to customize the Download page of Dropbox Transfer. You could set your company logo in the Dropbox Transfer page so that it looks professional.

Well, as of now Dropbox Transfer is only available for selected beta customers. However, Dropbox promises to give access to this new service to everyone soon.

Below at one place, I have make a list of all features Dropbox Transfer sports in it.

  • You can send files of size upto 100GB.
  • Anyone can access the file; even they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • You can send the file via a simple link.
  • You can password protect the file and also set an expiration time on it.
  • Download Delivery Notification.

If you are interested in sign in for Dropbox Transfer, you could do so by go to this link.

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