utorrent increases download speed via bittorrent tokens

Popular File sharing system BitTorrent today introduces a new version of uTorrent. What makes this new version a worth to download is it now includes a new feature that enhances the download speed of a torrent.

In the brand new version of uTorrent, BitTorrent Introduces a feature called BTT that stands for BitTorrent Tokens. Now, What is BitTorrent Token? In this article, I’m explaining you.

Well, from the name you can see, its a token which you can spend to increase your download speed.

Guys from TorrentFreak first ping about this feature on the web. You can spot BTT in uTorrent version 3.5.5 build 45287. This brand new feature is available in uTorrent by the name BitTorrent Speed in the left panel of the app and looks like as I show you in the screenshot below.

Credits: Torrent Freak

The concept is, the more you seed a torrent, the more you earn BTT and store it in your BitTorrent Speed Wallet. You can access the BitTorrent Speed Wallet from the same left panel of your uTorrent App. However, there is one need which you have to fulfill to use BitTorrent Speed Wallet. To use BitTorrent Speed Wallet, all you have to do is create a secure password as show you in the screenshot below.

Credits: Torrent Freak

Now, because BTT is in early stage, BitTorrent guys are giving 10BTT balance to all users for free.

When TorrentFreak guys tested downloading a file by using BTT balance, they find speed increase upto 219.2%. That seems pretty cool for now, but to rely on this feature users definitely, need some time.

Credits: Torrent Freak

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