Gmail Adds Email Scheduling
Gmail Adds Email Scheduling | Image Credits: Google

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Today is the 15th Birthday of Gmail and in this occasion Gmail adds Email Scheduling Feature and also upgrade some existing one. As the name suggest with this feature you can schedule an email to when it reaches at the other end.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail?

Gmail team adds a new option Schedule Send which you’ll find when tap on the three vertical dots available in the email compose window. Let me show you in the screenshot below.

Gmail Schedule Send Option

Once you click on this Schedule send option a new window pops up where you can set the time at which the email will be sent. You can set this time to some predefined options that Gmail gives you or You could set a custom one. Gmail Email Scheduling time selection window looks like as I show you in the screenshot below.

Gmail Email Scheduling Time Selection Window

As you can see in the photo above there are three predefined time i.e. Tomorrow Morning, Tomorrow Afternoon and Monday Morning. However, you could choose a custom time by clicking on Pick date and Time option.

Well, the feature is currently in roll out phase therefore you may not find it in your account at the same time. But sit tight you’ll in upcoming days.

This is how email scheduling works in Gmail. Beside this option Gmail add some more touch up to its existing AI enabled feature called Smart Compose. Smart Compose has gain some more IQ now. This A.I dependent feature now understand your writing style and suggest you lines based on it. From now on, Smart Compose feature also suggest you Email Subject line by analysing the content of an email. This is what I like more in this upgrade.

Some of the interesting feature Gmail recently assemble in its engine are Comments on Google Docs, AMP Emails and other dynamic features.

Today Gmail complete 15 year of its Journey and its smart spam prevention technique has revolutionize this email client. In Mid 2000 that was a serious issue and Gmail helps user to conquer this issue.

Last but not the least, let us congratulate Gmail by saying Happy Birthday Gmail.

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