How Smart Compose Feature Works
How Smart Compose Feature Works

In this article, we are going to explain to you about How Smart Compose Feature works? If we ask you Which is the most popular email service in the whole world? then, of course, your reply will be Gmail. Whenever we have to send an email, we use Gmail. In addition to Gmail, there are also some other email services, such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. But all of these email services are not as feature-rich as Gmail. If we talk about the connection speed then it also matters and Gmail has the highest among all the email services. Its User Experience is also superior to the rest of the email service.

Now, The Gmail team has added a new feature to Gmail to make Gmail even better. This feature has given the name “Smart Compose”. So in today’s article, we are going to explain you about How Smart Compose feature works in Gmail?

How Smart Compose Feature Works?

First of all, Let’s tell you that last year Gmail team had added a similar feature in Gmail i.e. Smart Reply. However, by this feature, you can smartly reply to a mail. In smart reply feature, Artificial Intelligence itself detects what you should reply. Here, AI gives three reply choices to choose.

In the same way, when you are sending mail to someone, Gmail will form you a sentence with the help of Smart Compose feature. You will not even need to type the full sentence. Smart compose features also works on Artificial Intelligence. With this feature of Gmail, you will be able to write a draft easily. When you are writing a draft and a Smart compose sentence appears you can use the Tab button to use that sentence. Moreover, you can use spacebar button to ignore that sentence.

Gmail Smart Compose Feature
Gmail Smart Compose Feature | Credits: Google Blog


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