Cloudflare Launches a new VPN service for iOS called Wrap
Cloudflare Launches a new VPN service for iOS called Wrap | Image Credits: Cloudflare

Today Cloudflare launches a new VPN service for iOS called WARP. This free VPN service uses the same DNS services that Cloudflare rolls out last year. The goal of this VPN app is to provide user fast un-interrupted Internet Speed. Following the company tradition, this year too Cloudflare launches one of its service on April 1st. Last year the company announce free DNS service. After a few month they launches an App for Android supporting this free DNS service.

WARP is just like that app for Android, the only difference is its name is different and it is for iOS. What makes this free VPN service cool is it remain intact doesn’t matter whether you switch between different Internet Networks. I meant to say that this VPN app activated all the time even you switch between different Internet network.

Cloudflare also explains free DNS has now become the 2nd most used DNS service in the World. Well, we all assume who grabs the 1st position, of course Google it is. To make their DNS service more popular, Cloudflare have team up with Mozilla.

The main motive to introduce this app is to provide iOS users a free VPN app that sports Cloudflare built privacy, speed, and security.

Beside this free Version, Cloudflare also look forward to roll out a premium version of this app. They charge small amount of monthly fee for premium version and its fee varies according to the region. The officials call the premium one WARP+. WARP+ sports Cloudflare’s Argo Technology and Virtual private network.

You can read more about Cloudflare WARP from here. iOS users can grab this app from here whereas the Android users from here.

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