PUBG new Moon Map
PUBG new Moon Map | Image Credits: PUBG

Well developers of Player Unknown’s Battleground has finally released the Patch notes of Update 27a. In this patch notes they talk about a new map and level 4 armour which they are going to release in an upcoming update.

So, let’s Check out the 10 Interesting Features that are coming in PUBG New Moon Map.

Note: In the Patch notes Developers of the Game has also mention about the Gameplay experience which will change with this patch.

PUBG New Moon Map 10 Interesting Features

Well first of all how many of you are excited to play PUBG finally somewhere outside the earth where there are no restriction. However, Physics put some restrictions on you. Ready to play PUBG in Zero Gravity on the surface of Moon.

As there is no Gravity, therefore, Fall damage equals to zero in this new upcoming moon map.

Your Jump Heights also increases by 10x and the duration of a Jump will also get longer.

Playing PUBG on Moon also gives you some headache like the Snow map. Well the similarity is, In Moon Map too you leaves your footprint behind during the gameplay.

How do you think, developers have designed the weather cycle on Moon? Think for while. Okay let me tell you, In PUBG Moon Map there is no weather cycle present at all. It all depends on which zone you Jump into. For example, if you jump on a dark zone, you have to complete a full match in the dark environment and so on.

Heath Kits and Medkits is going to be replaced by Oxygen tanks because survival literally mean there.

The main mode of travel on the moon are Rovers. Obvious isn’t it we won’t able to run a car or bike on Moon Yo. So, remember in moon map Rovers helps you to put you up on a safe zone fastly.

In the Patch note PUBG officials mention, till now this is the longest map coming to PUBG with an area approximately equals to 3,476

Level 4 Helmets are also coming to a map or maps we don’t know yet. But we are sure Level 4 Helmet is coming which will completely resist a bullet. So, say bye bye to headshots when you put on these helmets.

With this patch, PUBG introduce a new kind of Bomb called Revenge Bomb. This Bomb works like this, you can set this bomb like a loot somewhere and when you enemy opens it, it will explode. PUBG going to introduce this revenge Bomb in all the Maps.

Beside that with this patch, PUBG developers looks forward to increase the Squad Size of upto 20 players.

How do you react now if I say you all this is a part of April Fool’s day Prank. Let us know in the comment section below.

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