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Have you ever experienced a situation when you forget the name or title of a song but remembered it’s lyrics? If you ever have experienced the same situation and is a regular Spotify user then, this article is important for you. In a bid to help users easily find songs via it’s lyrics, Spotify has added a new feature.

How to find songs via Lyrics on Spotify?

So, from now on, if you ever forget the name or title of the song, you can easily find it on Spotify via it’s lyrics. You just have to feed the lyrics of the song may be some words or a line in the Spotify Search Bar and the app lists out the songs that have the same words and line in the lyrics.

Finding Songs via Lyrics is not working correctly for Languages other than English

Now, although Spotify has brought this feature in it’s iOS and Android App, searching for an English songs via it’s lyrics is working perfectly fine but right now the same is not the case with songs in other languages. You can take Bollywood Hindi songs as an example.

One of the popular Spotify competitors “Apple Music” already has this feature where users either search for a song via the lyrics or can ask Siri to do the same.

Two months ago, In collaboration with Musixmatch, Spotify rolled out the Live Lyrics support for songs in India as well as in 25 other countries. Now, searching songs via lyrics is seriously a great feature to have in any music application these days, What do you say? Happy to see your comments and opinions in the comment box down below.

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