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In a bid to empower businesses with a collaborative set of tools, Google launched the G-Suite back in 2016. Now, four years after seeing the work these days have been transformed in unprecedented ways due to the existing pandemic, Google has rebranded the G-Suite to Google Workspace. I mean not just rebranded the G-Suite but also transformed and integrated some more features inside its apps. For example, Google recently integrated Google Meet inside Gmail to let the Gmail user Read and Write mail and at the same time be on Video call with someone.

Google Workspace is a transformed and rebranded version of G-Suite. From transformed, I mean it gets more features while rebranded means G-Suite is now called Google Workspace.

Most of you know that G-Suite is a premium service that primarily consists of six flagship Google Services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, and Meet) which has more advanced features than the regular version. I mean, non-GSuite users can also use these services but they have the limited feature with respect to the G-Suite users.

In addition to all these flagship services to remain present in Google Workspace, it is bringing some set of new features to some of its flagship apps in coming days. For example, Currently, businesses can connect with their customers and partners using guest features in Chat and Drive, Google said, they are bringing features to dynamically create and collaborate on a document with guests in chat rooms. This feature not just lets you share and moderate content easily but also helps you easily connect with persons outside your organization. Everyone in your organization can access and view the same information if they have been given the permission.

Open Documents Natively in Gmail

One more feature that is coming to Google Workspace and I liked it the most is previewing a linked file without opening it in a new tab. For example, right now, if anyone shares a document (that might be docs, Sheets and Slides) in Gmail then clicking on it opens it in a new window. However, Google said they are working hard to make these documents open natively in Gmail.

Adding Google Contacts by using @username Tag in Google Docs

As I said, Google workspace is bringing a feature to let users outside your organization to participate in your chat and drive (if you let them to) may be to share some documents, Google workspace is adding a feature to Google Docs that equip users to tag any of their Google Contact (may be those who falls outside their organization) by typing @username inside a document. Clicking on that @username link shows more information of the user.

PIP Mode in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google said, In the coming months, For Workspace users inside Google Docs, Sheets and Slides we are rolling out Picture-in-Picture mode to let them be on Video Call with Google Meet while creating or showing or organizing any Google Document at the same time.

Via: Google Cloud Blog

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