Compare Documents in Google Docs
Compare Documents in Google Docs

Google Docs recently introduces the Compare Documents Feature. This feature helps you to spot all the changes you have made in a document over time.

This feature proved to be useful in situations where you have to track the revisions you have made in a document.

However, a past copy of the same document is required to spot all the changes.

Google has rolled out this feature in rapid mode on June 11, 2019. So it might take some time reaches your machine.

In the meantime, you can check for this feature in your Google Docs Tools > Compare Documents.

Now to compare two documents in Google Docs via this feature; first, you have to open any Google Doc.

Now, navigate to Compare Documents feature.

Once you click on Compare Documents, it asks you to choose a document you want to compare.

Once you choose a document, Click on Compare, and Google Docs shows you all the changes between the two documents.

Day by day, Google Docs is improving by adding a variety of features.

Recently, Google Docs gives users the facility to add section breaks in Google Doc.

If you don’t know How to insert Section Breaks in a Google Doc, I have written an article on it. Read it.

People now consider Google Docs more over Microsoft Word or any other text editor.

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