Facebook Launches Study App

Facebook again launches an app called Study to follow all the Apps a user has installed in his/her phone. In return, Facebook pays the user some money.

The App monitor all the other apps that are available in the user’s phone, also check other app usages like the time spent on a particular App.

However, Facebook mentioned, Study App won’t monitor sensitive data like Passwords, Messages, and Website data you visit.

It is not the first time Facebook has introduced such kind of App.

If you remember, Back in January this year, Facebook launches an App called Facebook Research App that resembles the same theme.

Later, Facebook discontinues the Research App due to several allegations marked on it.

If you remember, Facebook launches that App only for teens to track their App usage just like the Study app it launches now.

However, Later some tech enthusiasts found, the App has got deep access to iPhone violating its policy.

This time Facebook launches Study App only for Adults whose age is greater than or equal to 18.

Moreover, the App is only available to Android Users. It asks user’s permission with a series of different on-screen pop-ups.

To verify the age of a user, the Study App connects with users Facebook Profile.

Moreover, to pay them, the App asks the user to connect a valid Paypal account.

Facebook Study App is going to available in India and the US but not for everyone.

The company revealed they are going to market this App via a different set of ads. On the other side, users can install this App via these ads only.

For now, the availability of Study App on Google Play Store is still unknown.

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