Facebook View as Public Feature going to live soon
Facebook View as Public Feature going to live soon

How many of you have remember Facebook View as Public feature? Well, the same feature by which you could look out how your Facebook Profile looks from an open public eye. I mean those people who aren’t on your Facebook Friend’s list. Those of you who don’t know this feature was earlier available on Facebook. However, In September 2018, Facebook discontinue it from its platform due to a security incident.

Back in year 2018, Hacker use this Facebook feature to exploit users email, Phone number and other personal information. That time there is a loophole present in this feature through which hackers grab the access token of a profile. Access token on the other hand is a key to access all the data of a profile. With this exploitation that time around 29 million users personal information was exposed. That’s why Facebook discontinue this feature that time.

Facebook View as Public Feature
Facebook View as Public Feature | Image Credits: Facebook Official Twitter Handle

Facebook View as Public feature was very popular that time. The reason is it helps user to design their profile that way they want it to show to the public.

Now, Facebook again going to live this feature on the platform. Facebook officials gave this information via their official Twitter handle.

Beside View as Public feature they also reveal they are adding an Edit Public Details button. As the name clearly specify, this button will help you to quickly edit the information that you have set as public.

Well, right now if you check your Facebook App you may not find this feature because it is rolling out globally and may take some days to reach you. So, sit tight this feature will made available to you in a week or something I guess at max.

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