Opera Launches the First Gaming Browser Opera GX
Opera Launches the First Gaming Browser Opera GX

Today, Opera Launches the first gaming browser, Opera GX at E3 2019. The Company has built this Browser uniquely to complement Gaming.

It sports some unique features you won’t find in any browser till now. Let us discuss those features now but before that let me explain to you where to get the installation file of this Browser. Also, How you can install this Browser.

You can install this Browser by visiting this site: https://www.opera.com/gx

Developers of Opera GX built it over Opera regular desktop browser. So, I think you won’t have to worry about How to install it.

However, it is different from the Opera regular Browser in terms of feature it is sporting.

Let me now list out all the great feature Opera GX sports in it.

List of Great Features Opera GX is Sporting

Limit your RAM and CPU Usage (Opera GX Control)

Opera GX Control Options
Opera GX Control Options

While Using a Browser at least one time we encounter a situation where we feel like our Browser is eating up our System RAM and CPU. Well, if you face such a situation while using Opera GX, there is an option called GX Control through which you can easily limit your RAM and CPU usage for the Browser.

Integrating your Twitch Account

Opera GX Twitch Integration
Opera GX Twitch Integration

Serious Gamers out there must have a Twitch account as it helps them to get notifications from the Gamers they follow quickly. However, until now, they have to log in to their Twitch Account separately. I mean till now, not any Browser has given you the facility to integrate Twitch directly in the Browser. However, those days are gone now, as Opera GX sporting this facility. Opera GX has built-in Twitch Integration. All you have to do is sign in to your Twitch account in Opera GX, and you receive all the notifications from the other Twitch accounts you follow.

GX Corner

Once you install the Browser via the setup link I mentioned above, you find a section in the Browser called GX Corner.

This section contains all the latest Games, Deals as well as the latest gaming news from different Gaming News Websites.

This section also helps you to explore all the upcoming games for different Platforms like Windows, PS4, XBOX, and MAC.

Popular Messenger App Integration

To help you connect with your Gaming community via Messaging, the Browser also has built-in the integration of some popular instant messaging and chat apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Vkontakte.

Video Pop Out

One more unique feature you can find in Opera GX is the Video Pop Out Feature.

This feature helps you to watch both YouTube and Twitch simultaneously.

Moreover, you could enable or disable this feature but navigating to the browser settings.

Free VPN

When we talk about an Opera Browser, How can we forget about free VPN? Of course, Opera GX has a free unlimited VPN which you can again enable or disable by visiting Browser’s settings.

Video Floating Over Game

Last but not least, the unique feature I found in Opera GX is its Video Over Game feature. This feature helps you to watch a video even while you play a Game. As you can see, there is some situation when you want to see a tutorial for a game. This feature helps you in such a situation.

Well these are not all set of features Opera GX is sporting but I assure you these are the most important ones.

Have fun with installing this Browser you are a gamer.

Happy Gaming!

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