Google Stadia Internet Speed

Google upcoming cloud based Game Streaming service is all set to launch on November this year.

Gamers from all around the world are excited to taste this Google made Game streaming service.

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Although, Google Starts rolling out Google Stadia in November, but before its launch Google reveal all set of requirements needed for Google Stadia.

Take Internet Speed for example.

Google Stadia let you stream Games on it upto maximum resolution of 4K.

The minimum resolution however is 720p.

So, you can see that, to stream games on this resolution requires a high speed Internet connection.

But what exactly this speed is? That’s the real matter!

Google recommend minimum Internet connection speed of 10 Mbps while streaming games on 720p resolution at 60 fps.

Moreover, at this speed you get Stereo Sound quality.

Now, With increase in your Internet connection speed, you will able to stream games in higher resolution.

For example, If you network speed is 20 Mbps then you can stream games on Stadia in 1080p HDR Video Format at 60 fps with 5.1 surround sound.

Similarly, to stream games in 4K HDR Video, Google Stadia requires your Internet connection speed greater than 30 Mbps.

To test your current Internet connection Speed for Google Stadia, Google partners with Measurement Lab.

They create a seperate portal to test your current Internet connection speed.

To access the portal you can visit this link:

Are you excited for Google Stadia?

Which Games you like to play most on Google Stadia?

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