Google Stadia
Google Stadia | Credits: Google

At GDC 2019, Google unveils a cross platform cloud based game streaming service called Google Stadia. Here Cross Platform means that one can stream a game in any of their devices ranging from Chrome Browser, Chromecast to Pixel devices. Let me explain you with an example, Suppose you a watching a live Game Streaming of some creator on YouTube and you would like to play that game. Google working on YouTube to bring a Play Now button, clicking on which will lead you directly to play that game. Moreover, you could also stream that game on your YouTube channel if you like. What makes this service so interesting and unique is you don’t have to install that game on your hardware. The Game directly stream from the Google Cloud Data centers.

Google even says they will bring more data centers for this service as this is the key thing to create a low latency game streaming service. Taking an example, Google says, with this service one can stream a 4K game with 60fps with only 25Mbps of Internet Bandwidth. Google even partners with AMD for creating GPU for its datacenter.

Google Stadia Data Center Configuration

CPU2.7GHz Hyper-Threaded x86 with AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB of L2+L3 Cache
GPUAMD GPU with HBM2 memory and 56 compute units that are capable of 10.7 teraflops
StorageSSD Cloud Storage
Memory16GB of RAM with 484 GB per second speed

Does Google Stadia Comes free of Cost?

The main platform from where Google looks forward to promote this gaming service is YouTube. However, we don’t know yet where Stadia is free of cost or one have to pay a subscription fee or have to face some advertisements. Basically, right now no one knows.

Google Stadia Dedicated Game Controller

Stadia Game Controller
Stadia Game Controller | Image Credits: Google

To make the Stadia Gaming experience more friendly, Google also unveils a Stadia Controller. The controller looks more or less like a hybrid of Xbox and PS4 controller. You can connect this controller via a wifi and will reduce some game latency as Google claims. With this Game Controller you could also directly access to Google Assistant and share clips to YouTube via dedicated buttons.

Stadia Gaming Studio for Developers

Google has not just open this world of Game streaming service only for Gamers but also to the Game Developers. Officials from Google are also creating their own Game Studio called Stadia Games and Entertainment. The games built by this studio categorize under exclusive stadia games.

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