Why PUBG Lite not first Introduced in India
Why PUBG Lite not first Introduced in India?

In this article, we reveal Why PUBG Lite not first Introduced in India. Before, revealing the answer to the above question, let me first tell you that PUBG Lite is the lite version of popular royal battle game PUBG. Beside Lite version, PUBG already has the Steam version as well as the Mobile version. Both versions are playable on PC. The former one requires high hardware resource while the later one requires low hardware configuration.

What makes both non-ideal to play on PC is the resource configuration to the gameplay experience ratio on average. What I meant to say is not every PC player would able to play both versions with better gameplay experience. You can get the best gameplay experience for PUBG when you play the steam version, however, you won’t able to play it if you haven’t enough hardware resources. Moreover, In PUBG Mobile you won’t get the original gameplay experience of PUBG.

Okay, let’s talk about other data. The greatest number of PUBG Players belongs to the USA, India, and Indonesia. Now, if you take the USA, most players play this game via Consoles, while In India, it is not the same case. In India, most players play the game either via Mobile or via their PC via the emulators. Moreover, mostly the PUBG Mobile, not the PUBG Steam. That’s why to fill out this gap, I think PUBG creators made the lite version of the game. Why they leave that much number of Indian users not to taste the better gameplay experience.

Now, talking about the release of Lite Version, On 13th February 2019, PUBG Lite version will be made available in four more countries. Moreover, the lite version was the first release on Thailand servers. Not Just PUBG, every big platform on the Internet right now releases a new update or feature in India after testing it in several countries. The reason is India has a large user base to most of the online popular products. And Developers don’t want to mess up with these users. If anything goes wrong in these countries like the USA, India then they must face a huge loss for their product. That why developers first release any global product to a small country. Then, if everything goes fine then, it lands to the Indian Market.

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