Google Maps Starts Testing AR Navigation Feature
Google Maps Starts Testing AR Navigation Feature | Image Credits:

Google Maps Starts Testing AR Navigation Feature. A feature that helps you to navigate to the streets in real time via Google Maps. All you have to do is open up your smartphone and Google maps guide you via big large directional arrows to navigate to the streets. David Pierce from The Wall Street Journal first able to capture this feature.

He explains, the App use your smartphone camera. First the app track your current geographical position with the GPS present in your Phone. After that your smartphone camera scans all the objects, stores, roads etc. around it. Once done it guide you via directional arrows where to take a turn or something.

He explains you don’t have to turn on your camera navigating around streets. Once you reach at a corner where there are so many turns just turn on your Smartphone camera via Google Maps and it will prompt you the direction. This means developers have considered your battery drains by utilizing the feature this way.

Of course this feature right now is available for a few users. Anyways, In our opinion the feature is beautiful and it definitely include in Google Maps in Future. May be in future we see this feature commonly using in AR windshields.

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