PUBG PS4 has now Suicide Squad Skins
PUBG PS4 has now Suicide Squad Skins

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most trending games in the world. People are getting crazy over this game. PUBG PS4 has now Suicide Squad Skins. This year is going to be a super rocking superhero year. We all are eagerly waiting for those Superhero movies. In between, PUBG has tied up with DC officially.

What’s the Suicide Squad?

First, the Suicide Squad is a movie based on DC comics. Further, the two most famous characters in the movie were “THE JOKER” and “HARLEY QUINN”.

Joker is one hell of a villain. He is the most favourite villain of almost everyone who is familiar with superhero movies.

PUBG PS4 has now Suicide Squad Skins

Now, you can dress your character in either Joker’s Costume or Harley Quinn’s costume. Also, this costume is only available in PUBG PS4 and is Live now.

How to get the Suicide Squad Costume?

The Suicide Squad Costumes are on sale till 6th March 11:59 pm PST (which is 7th March, 1:30 pm IST). Further, These Skins are not free of cost, you must spend some UC (PUBG Currency) to buy these Costumes.

How much The Suicide Squad Skin Costs?

Furthermore, these skins are quite costly. Moreover, if you want to purchase all the parts of Harley Quinn’s Costume, it will cost you around $24.99 (around Rs 1800). If you want to purchase Joker’s costume, it will cost you around $19.99 (around Rs 1400).

More Information

These skins don’t look very attractive and also the cost of the skins are way too high. It doesn’t look like the picture shown above. Meanwhile, I personally, don’t think it is worth investing that amount of money for skin but still, if you are a superhero freak, then you must go for it.

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