Uber App Rolls out VOIP In-App Calling
Uber App Rolls out VOIP In-App Calling

Uber App Rolls out VOIP In-App Calling to Call Your Driver. It means now, you don’t have to switch between Uber app and your Phone caller to contact your Uber driver. You can call your Uber driver directly via your Uber app. Similarly, Your Uber driver can also contact you the same way. The feature on one hand makes your number private but also helps you to save some phone balance. Of course for VOIP calling data charges may apply which deducts from your Internet Balance, which is quite sufficient these days in India.

You can use VOIP calling in Uber app simply by tapping on the phone icon which you find after booking for a cab ride. Note that for using this feature Uber App asks your permission to access your Microphone. May be Uber use this functionality to record conversations between driver and the rider for safety measures.

This feature will help international riders in India a lot because they haven’t a native Indian SIM cards. Uber App VOIP calling not just work with your Internet data but also with the WiFi. Gadget 360 reveals this feature is only available in Uber App and not in other Uber Apps like Uber Eats and so on.

Of course this feature works like a charm but it doesn’t mean you won’t able to place call like Old days. Uber app still gives you the facility to call your driver via your Mobile number.

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