PUBG Lite will Soon Roll out to Four More Countries
PUBG Lite will Soon Roll out to Four More Countries

PUBG Lite will soon roll out to four more countries. Note that PUBG introduces PUBG lite back in January 25 this year. However, the game is then limited only to Thailand servers. It means only Thailand users can able to taste this version of PUBG. Note that PUBG lite requires low system resources, therefore, now most users can play PUBG in their PC with more gaming experience. We think PUBG lite gaming experience varies somewhere in between PUBG Steam version and PUBG Mobile.

We have already written an article on PUBG Lite open beta availability to Thailand. There we also mention the system requirements and other technical information related to PUBG Lite.

I know many of you wants to say, We are playing PUBG Mobile on PC via emulators. Moreover, some of you may also say they already Play PUBG PC. However, let me again mention you PUBG Lite is for those PC that have lower hardware resources. Infact, you have to compare this version with PUBG Steam version not with the PUBG Mobile.

Okay, The four countries in which PUBG Lite is going to roll out is Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore. The pre-downloading of this game starts from February 13, moreover, its beta test servers opens on February 14. Which means users belonging to the above regions can start playing PUBG Lite from February 14.

We get this info. when PUBG Lite official Facebook page shares this info via a post.

Therefore, PUBG Lite Open Beta is soon going to available in a total of 5 servers. These servers are located in different regions i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

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