How to access free VPN in Opera Browser for Android? Credits: Opera

You can now access free VPN in Opera Browser for Android. Back in February this year we explain you Opera Browser Beta gets an inbuilt VPN. The feature is now live on stable version. Therefore, devices in which this new update is live can install Opera Browser version 51. I say that devices in which this new update is live which means that not all devices have get Opera Browser version 51 as the update is currently rolling out Globally. Now, if your device get the Opera Browser version 51, let’s check out how you can access its inbuilt VPN feature.

How to access free VPN in Opera Browser for Android? (Guide)

How to Access Inbuilt VPN in Opera Browser for Android? | Image Credits:

You can access free VPN in Opera Browser for Android when you head over to its setting section.

There you find an option VPN which you have manually Turn ON and OFF.

When you turn on this option, you get two three additional options. The first one will let you use VPN for Private tabs only. The second one gives you the facility to choose a Virtual Location such as Optimal, America, Asia, and Europe. Finally, the Third option helps you the Bypass VPN for search. It means that, the search engine bypass VPN and detect your exact region to give you relevant search results.

Note: In the virtual location, Optimal means you will get the best tunnel according to the region you belong. For example, Suppose you live in India, then the best tunnel for you belongs in Asia not in America and so on.

Benefits of Having a VPN service

  1. You will able to access restricted content in your region.
  2. The data you send and receive on the Internet are encrypted therefore a company won’t track you. Therefore Marketing companies have not more online data about you. Moreover, Your Internet Privacy and confidentiality are safe.
  3. Suppose you want to access a web content with a different IP. A VPN service helps you to perform such task.
  4. With a better VPN service, you may find a hike on your Bandwidth Speed.

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