google assistant is now part of waze app
google assistant is now part of waze app

Yes you heard it right, Google Assistant is now part of Waze App. Back in 2013, Google brought this world’s largest community based GPS navigation app. You can think of Waze as a social network of Google Maps. Waze works totally on its community feedback. Here, users can alert other users using the same app about accidents, alternative routes, road closures and other things.

There are several common features available both in Waze as well as in Google Maps. Moreover, Google owns waze. Then, Why does Google not merge Waze with Google maps. The primary reason is it works totally on community feedback whereas Google Maps is a standard navigation app. However, now Google Maps also inserting more social features in it.

Now, In a recent blog post, Google reports Google Assistant is now available in Waze. So, now you don’t have to keep your hands both on your smartphone as well as on the driving wheels. You can now control the Waze app directly via your voice commands.

For example, you can simply say Hey Google Report Traffic or Hey Google, Avoid Tolls and waze will show you the required data.

Google Assistant support in Waze starts rolling out from today for US customers and soon it will available globally.

Earlier there was several Great features available exclusively on Waze but now most of those features are part of Google Maps too. Take Speedometer feature as an example which Google rolls out recently.

Still Waze is somehow cooler than Google Maps because it has more hand stitched reporting. On the other side, People still not using Google Maps more socially like they do use Waze.

Which App do you use more frequently for your daily navigation need? Do let us know in the comment section down below. For now, the summary is you can or soon will use Google Assistant in Waze App.

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