Google Stadia for Free
Google Stadia for Free

Google reveals more details about its upcoming Cloud Based Gaming service Stadia. Yesterday, Google announce Stadia Founder’s edition which is a complete package for a Gamer who want to use Google Stadia. However, to opt for Stadia Founder’s edition, one will have to pay its subscription charge which is worth $129.99 per year.

Some of you might not worry about this cost because it includes several hardwares in the package such as Stadia Controller, Chromecast and lot of other things. You can read more about Stadia Founder’s edition in a post which I have already written.

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Now, coming to others who may find this cost not affordable for them. For those people, Google rolling out a version of Stadia that will cost you zero money. Google calls this version Stadia Base.

Note: The Premium version of Stadia is called Stadia Pro whereas the free version of Stadia is called Stadia Base. Right now, Google giving 3 months of free Stadia Pro subscription with Stadia Founder’s Edition.

Okay, Let’s talk about What are all the things you get, if you subscribe for Stadia Base.

What’s Inside Stadia Base Plan? (Google Stadia Free Version)

As I have already mention, Stadia Base Subscription is going to available for free. However, In this version, the maximum resolution of Game you’ll get is upto 1080p. On the other hand, if we talk about the maximum resolution of Game you get in Stadia Pro, it is upto 4K. The Frame rate however, is same in both the Stadia Pro and Base subscription which is 60 FPS. Moreover, The sound quality you get in Stadia Base version is Stereo whereas in Pro version you get 5.1 surround sound.

Now, What makes Stadia Pro a worth over Stadia base is, With Stadia Pro you’ll get free games regularly. However, In Stadia Base you not. Also, if you purchase a Stadia Game you’ll get discount if you have taken Stadia Pro Membership. However, Stadia Base subscribers won’t get any discount while purchasing a Stadia Game.

Note: Google explain that one can play the game they purchase while subscribing for Stadia Pro in Stadia Base without any active subscription.

Stadia Pro Subscription cost $9.99 per month which is around Rs. 700 Indian Rupee. So, if you are a Pro gamer who regularly wants to taste new game or stream games on YouTube etc. you can pre-book Stadia Founder’s edition. That’s because here you get Stadia optimised hardwares as well as 3 months of free Stadia Pro Subscription.

Note: Stadia Pro will start available from November this year, whereas, Stadia Base Subscription plan releasing Next year i.e. in 2020.

Therefore, if you want to use Google Stadia for free, you have to wait for a while.

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