how to insert section breaks in google docs

In this article, I’m going to explain you to How to Insert Section Breaks in Google Docs? Recently, Google Docs team has added some new formatting options in Google Docs. Inserting Section Breaks is one of them.

With this option, you can now insert next page or continuous section break in a Google Docs. To access these two option, go to any Google docs document where you want to test these two options. Then, Click on the Insert>Break>Next/Continuous. Also, don’t forget to locate your cursor properly.

This is how you can insert section breaks in google docs.

Along with inserting section breaks, you can also view all the section breaks a document have. This is one more option Google Docs team have added recently to the app.

Google Docs New Formatting Options | Credits: Google

How to View Section Breaks in Google Docs?

To view section breaks in Google Docs, Go to view>show section breaks, that’s it. With this option you can view all the section breaks a document have.

The other option Google team has added recently is adjusting the margin of a section.

How to adjust the margin of a section in Google Docs?

Till now, we able to adjust the margin of an entire document and there isn’t any option to set the margin of a section only. Now, Google docs have this option on File>Page Setup.

To adjust the margin of a section, you first have to select the section you want to set the margin for. Otherwise, with the option I mentioned above, Google docs select the margin of the section where your cursor resides.

Note: Google Docs team has rolled out these three new options on May 30, 2019. Therefore, it may take some time to roll over to your system. However, G-Suite users can access it right now. Non-G-Suite have to wait until the rollout reaches their machine.

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