Google Maps launches Popular Dishes Feature
Google Maps launches Popular Dishes Feature

Today, Google Maps Launches Popular Dishes Feature in its Platform. With this feature, now one can find all the popular Dishes a restaurant is providing. Till now, we able to see only the photos, reviews and rating of a restaurant. However, Once we discover a new restaurant on Google Maps, finding about their Popular recipe is difficult, unless we use hit and trial method. Other than that, we read the reviews and if we are in luck then we find a review about any recipe some user write about.

However, now, Google Maps has rolled out a special section on the app called Popular Dishes though which we can easily find popular dishes a restaurant is providing. Google Maps Popular Dishes section further categorized into several sections called Popular, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc. See the below screenshot, to get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Now, Once you find any interesting recipe and click on it and then you’ll able to see several reviews by different users on it.

Some of you now question, Who will add these recipe. Well the answer is, Anyone can do that as of now. There is an add recipe option available there through which you could also add a recipe you tried on a restaurant. Other than that, that particular restaurant Google Maps account manager also add the recipe to it. This will help them grow their market.

Note that, Google Maps is an application that is helpful especially for those who like to travel. Moreover, when we talk about Travel, trying different food is part of it. Therefore, this new feature, in my opinion will improve Google Maps experience to a great extent.

Google Maps Popular Dishes feature is rolling out for all the Android Users from today on worldwide. Moreover, it will soon be also available to all the iOS users.

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