Search Inside Google Drive via Chrome URL
Search Inside Google Drive via Chrome URL

G-Suite Users can now search Google Drive via Chrome URL in the real way. You’ll know why. Anyways Interesting isn’t it, searching Google Drive files in Chrome URL. The feature is right now only available to G-Suite Business, Education, and Enterprise for Education editions. However, don’t leave the article because I will also explain, how Non G-Suite users could also search Google Drive via Omnibox.

Users who are using any one of the G-Suite editions which we mention above can now search inside Google Drive, right from the Chrome Omnibox*. However, to get access to this feature first they have to enroll themselves in Beta Program. One can enroll in this beta program by referencing to this link. Now, you have open the link, Scroll down below in the page and fill out all the details that the form ask from you.

After submission of the form, Google’s G-Suite team will whitelist your Domain on which you are running your G-Suite account. After they whitelist your domain, you will able to use this feature for the respective G-Suite account.

Note: To avail a G-Suite one must have to purchase a domain first.

Please reference to this link, if you would like to know to How to Set-Up a G-Suite Account?

Note: The feature works only on Chrome 69 or the newer version.

Right now via Chrome URL you can only search for Recent Google Drives files. However, this new beta feature extends its capability to search for other files as well.

You can search for a file directly by typing its name and omnibox will suggest its name in the URL. Beside that you can also search for a type of file by using a query say type:Spreadsheet. This query only show up the spreadsheet files present in your drive. One more query is owner:some_name, this will let your search results narrow down to only those files whose owner is some_name.

Don’t you think that this feature will drastically improve the speed of accessing files on Google Drive? Let us know in the comment section below.

How to search Google Drive via Chrome URL (Non-G-Suite Users)?

Okay let me tell you a secret here, via which non-G-Suite users could also search for a file inside Google drive via Chrome URL. They can do so by just editing there Omnibox search engine. By default it is Google, but you can also change it.

All you have to do is Go to Omnibox and right click your mouse. After that open Edit Search Engines option. Now click on the add button like I show you in the screenshot below.

Now, here you have to create a search engine for Google Drive. And you can do so by just filling out this link: to make your Google Drive a search engine like I show you in the screenshot below.

Once filling out the details and click on Add button, you create a new search engine in Google Chrome. Now, to make this search engine default for Omnibox, you just have make the search default for you browser too. You can perform this step by referencing to the screenshot below.

That’s it you can now search for a Google Drive file right from the Omnibox.

Note: Because you have changed the default search engine of your omnibox to Google Drive, you can’t access a website unless you have its direct link.

I mean for example, if you want to access my website, you can’t do so by searching for techchahiye in URL. You will access my website only when searching with the exact URL.

That’s it from my side, How many of you like my example of showing, How to search inside google drive by changing the default search engine. WTF.

Geek Theorem

*Omnibox = In our Geeky Universe that punchy Search bar at the top of Google Chrome browser is called Omnibox.

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