Indians Propose Google Assistant
Indians Propose Google Assistant

Right now, a viral trend cited in India after Google India Ask Why Indians Propose Google assistant. Moreover, the tweet via which Google India ask this question is quite interesting, if you see it carefully. If you get it what I mean you can let me know in the comment section below.

It is not just Google India tweet which make this news interesting but also the tweets posted in response to Google India tweet.

Its occurrence starts on January 28 when Google India post a tweet in which they ask users in a fancy way Why they keep asking Google Assistant to marry.

Note that Google Assistant is an A.I. enabled digital assistant made by Google. It performs various tasks ranging from desktop to our smartphone.

If you want to read the responses made by Indian users, I think you should see the initial tweet posted by Google India. Clicking on the below tweet leads you to the whole thread on the Twitter.

Not just giving response on Google India tweet, other accounts post response on their timeline. Examples are below and there are so many more.

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