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Twitter News First Timeline is a feature which helps you catch up news and stories first that most discussions around your followers while you were away. Once you find Twitter News First timeline injects in your Twitter version present in your phone, you see news and stories at the top of your Twitter timeline.

Right now, this feature is in testing phase, hence, at one time you may see this feature on your account and at other time, it may disappears. According to Mashable, Twitter testing this feature right now for Android app.

How to identify Twitter News First Timeline appears in your Twitter Timeline?

To check whether this feature appear in your Twitter timeline, first make sure you are on Twitter’s Android version.

Moreover, you get a prompt that says you: Catch up what happened while you were away.

This news and stories come in the form of cards and you find a expand button there. Once you click on that expand button, you’ll get that news and stories one by one vertically.

Back in 2015, Twitter rolls out a similar feature called “While you were away”. This feature helps you to find those tweets that were trending while you were not using Twitter. However, this feature fetch up from Twitter in 2016 after introduction of Algorithmic timeline.

The only difference between the previous version and this one is that time you only get tweets that were trending while you were away. However, this time you get tweets as well as new stories too.

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