Chrome 72 is now available on Desktop, Android and iOS
Chrome 72 is now available on Desktop, Android and iOS

Chrome 72 is now available on Desktop, Android and iOS users. Moreover, In this article, we are going to talk about what are all the new features present in this version. First I sort its best and important features then I write about others.

So, Chrome 72 is finally available to every platform. Note that this is the first patch Chrome introduces this year. If you ask my overall opinion, this version is more concerned on Browser security with a total of about 58 security fixes. So, let’s start talking about new features in this version.

Chrome 72 Best Features

Complete Popups Block

The first feature I like the most in version 72 is blocking of Popups which we still find these days on some website. Earlier when we visit a website, we instantly get a popup until website complete loading. Days are gone now with version 72. Whether you have enabled the Chrome Popup blocker or not Chrome Blocks Popup by default now.

Web Authentication API

With version 72 you can add web authentication API to your Google account to enhance its security further. With web authentication API you will able to sign in to your account via Bluetooth U2F keys and other ways. Windows users can use the Helo service to enable two-factor authentication.

A New Chrome Name and Picture Option

You’ll find a new Chrome name and picture option, that helps you to edit your name and picture for your chrome account you are using right now. This feature is present in the Chrome settings section.

Blocks setting up Chromecast dongle via Desktop Browser

From version 72 you won’t able to setup Chromecast via desktop browser, however, you can do so via Google home app on your Android and iOS.

Blocks Third Party Code Injection

Version 72 also blocks third party code injection to the browser as it will lead to more crashes of the browser.

In the saved password section, we finally able to see the site’s Favicon along with its address and credentials we store previously.

There are a lot of other features as well, to know about all of them you can read it from here.

You can update Chrome to the latest version by first clicking on the three vertical dots present at the top right corner of your desktop browser, then navigate to help>about Google Chrome. That’s it Chrome automatically updates to the latest version.

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