BSNL Offers SMS via Data Connectivity
BSNL Offers SMS via Data Connectivity

BSNL offers SMS via Data Connectivity after partnership with a French company Be-Bound, that provides Bulk SMS management. However, Intially BSNL itself planing to launch some sort of service like that. But later they found that a company called Be-Bound already providing such service. When they contact the company they agree to share there patent with BSNL.

Till now, BSNL users send SMSs via their main account. Like for example, if a user recharge with say x amount and get 300 monthly SMS. Now, when he/she send a SMS the balance deduced from this 300 monthly SMS quota. But now BSNL brings sending SMS via data connectivity and for that you won’t have to recharge with any pack. Be-Bound gives a user 100 free SMS per day which is sufficient in India for a normal user.

This feature is specifically for those users who have poor network connectivity in their area. Therefore, to utilizing this service you have to first install an app that checks whether any network connectivity issue in you area or not. If the app able to identify some network then, it sends SMS from it’s server. Moreover, if you area doesn’t have a poor network connectivity then this app will send SMS but via your main account.

Recently BSNL decreases the validity of Rs 99 plan to 24 days which was earlier valid for 26 days. Moreover, BSNL also increases the sim replacement charge to Rs 100 that applies from the date 21/01/2019.

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