Turn on Windows 10 God mode
Turn on Windows 10 God mode

We all heard about God mode back in Windows 7, but do you heard of Windows 10 God mode too. If you remember the God mode in Windows 7, when we turn it on then it show us all the simple as well as advanced features that are available and hidden in Control Panel. Just like that Windows 10 also have God mode that will show you basic to advanced features that are available but hidden in Control Panel. In this guide we’ll let you know how to turn on God mode in Windows 10. So be with us for some time.

To turn on Windows 10 god mode all you have create a folder in the drive when you OS is installed. In most of the PCs, the default drive in which user install their OS is the C drive.

How to Enable Windows 10 God mode?

Their are just two simple steps performing which will create a God mode path in Windows 10.

First go to the drive where you have installed your OS, For example, C drive, more easily, Go to your desktop and create a folder there.

After that, right click on the folder and rename it by the name given below.


Note that in the above code I have chosen GodMode the folder name, you can choose any name you want but make sure to not change the other parts of the code.

Once you rename the folder to the name which I specify above, you are done. You finally create a God mode path in Windows 10.

This is how god mode in Windows 10 looks.

Windows 10 God Mode Screenshot
Windows 10 God Mode Screenshot

If you look in the above screenshot, you see several categories as well as sub categories. Moreover, the folder icon have exactly the same icon like the icon control panel have.

Let me remind you here, this folder opens some advanced options easily available to you. So, make to sure first learn about an option before making some changes in it.

This is all with Windows 10 God mode, hope you guys like this article.

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