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The Popular 5V5 character based tactical first-person shooting game Valorant is all set to release its Act 3. A recent tweet from the official Twitter handle of the game has confirmed the same.

The Valorant official Twitter handle posted, Act 2 is coming to close and the players of Act 2 rank locks on October 13th. Now, although it has not been said exclusively, but as soon as Act 2 closes we believe Act 3 chapter starts. Hence, we reach an assertion that Riot may release Valorant Act 3 in October Mid.

Why is this information important?

Currently, Valorant is in Act 2 and players are competing for the better rank in Act 2 seeing Act 3 is near. Now, what is so important about this information is, since Riot may release the Valorant Act 3 in October Mid, this is the right time to push in the game and achieve better rank. That is because, if you know about the Valorant Act Rank, it is directly proportional to the Player Proven Skills. In Valorant, right now, the Proven Skills of a player is decided on the last nine best ranked won of the act.

India to soon get a dedicated Valorant Server in Mumbai

Now, although some countries in the world having low ping achieve the high rank in the game, India will soon join the same league. That is because recently, one of the game developers cleared India to soon get a dedicated Valorant server in Mumbai which is currently in testing phase, hence, may sometimes can be spotted by the players in the same country.

Valorant Act 3 may bring New Maps and Characters too

The official Twitter handle of the game recently has tweeted some posts confirming about Act 3 and gives us some hints about new maps and characters that might be introduced in Act 3. You can find those tweets below.

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