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The brand new 5v5 character based first person tactical shooter game Valorant is now available to download in India. Today the game has been launched worldwide and is only available to the Microsoft Windows PC users. The game has not been available on Steam and one can download it for free from Valorant official website. In this article, however, I have explained the same in detail.

Although the game has been available on beta for now, those of you who haven’t familiar with the game, here is the quick overview.

A Quick Overview to the Valorant Gameplay

You can think of this first person shooter game as a combination of Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, and League of Legends gameplay.

Each match of this game has a total of 25 rounds where a winning party have to win the first 13 rounds.

There are two teams in the game where one team have to choose the offensive role while the other team have to choose the defensive role. A team consist a maximum of 5 players.

After 12 rounds, the teams swap, that means, the offensive party became the defensive one and vice versa.

The goal of the offensive party is to plant the spike (the bomb) in a few designated area. The defensive party, on the other hand, have to defuse it.

If any of the team kills all the five members of the other team before planting the spike, the round is over. Also, if the defending team kill all the five members of the offending team after spike was planted, then the defending team also have to defuse the spike in the limited time to win.

At the beginning of a round, each player have some money that they can spend on their guns, armor and abilities. The team also get some money based on how a player of the team perform in the previous round. While playing a round, if a player managed to be alive, then, he can keep the same gun for the next round.

That’s all about the quick overview to the Valorant Gameplay. Now let see How you can download this Game in India?

How to download the Valorant Game in India?

As I said above, the game is not available in Steam and one can download it for free from the Valorant Official website.

Once you visit the website, Click on the Play Now button and then create a account if you are new to the Valorant server. I have explained the same also in the below screenshot.

Once done with the registration the website pokes you to download the Game Client the size of which is around 65MB.

valorant game download

After downloading the Game Client, Open and execute it to download the actual game file, the size of which is around 7.2GB.

valorant game size

Anyone try to access the game from a different region via VPN, Riot said, they aren’t supporting the regional transfers at the moment. Also, for India, there isn’t any dedicated server yet but Riot said they gonna launch servers for Middle East and South Asia later this year.

Just a reminder about the Graphics you are using to play this Game

Recently, Nvidia announced their latest Game Ready driver is ready for Valorant and other evolving new games. Also, Nvidia said their latest Game ready driver is compatible with the Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 May 2020 update. Hence, those of you who have Nvidia Graphics installed in their system can check for the brand new GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL driver via Nvdia GeForce Experience center. You can read more about it from here.

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