How to Schedule a Tweet on Twitter

From last year, Twitter testing the Tweet Scheduling feature and now has finally rolled it out on Twitter for Web. That means, now we don’t have to be depend on any third party services like Tweetdeck to schedule our tweet. Twitter for web now have a seperate option to schedule a tweet and you can find that option right on the compose windows like as I show you in the screenshot below.

As circled in the screenshot, once you click on the same icon after writing your tweet, a new popup window opens where you can feed the date and time to schedule your tweet. Here is How the same popup window looks.

Now, once you feed the date and time, Click on the blue confirm button as shown in the screenshot above to bring back your tweet compose window again. Now, this time, Instead of the tweet button it shows you the schedule button, clicking on which leads you to schedule your tweet, that’s it.

How to see the list of your Scheduled Tweets on Twitter?

You can also see the list of your scheduled tweet by either following this link or by opening the Tweet Compose window like as I show you in the screenshot below.

Twitter also rolled out a new Draft Feature

In addition to the tweet scheduling feature, Twitter also rolled out a Tweet Draft feature that let the user save their tweet as a draft to post it later sometime. Check out in the below screenshot, How you can save a tweet as a draft on Twitter. You can check the list of your drafted tweet either by following this link or via the tweet compose window by repeating the same step like as I show you above on How to find the list of your scheduled tweets.

However, do note that the Draft feature on Twitter can’t be synced between the Twitter web and mobile app. That means, if you create a draft on web app it won’t be available in your Mobile app and vice versa.

So, that is all about these two new features on Twitter. If you have any question or suggestion about the post, you can let us know below in the comment section.

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