Most Played Valorant Agents

This article reveals the two most played valorant agents in the world right now. If you like the recent popular 5V5 Tactical Character Based First Person Shooting Game Valorant then, this article is for you.

Soon after it’s release, Valorant picked up the space with pace among gamers all around the world. Two of its seasons are coming to end and soon the game is entering in its third Season or Chapter or Act. Let me say it Act that is what the game developers are calling it.

As most of you know, Valorant is a character based game and currently, the game has 12 Characters, which is called Agents in the game. Also, it is said, in Act 3 the game is going to get more Agents and Maps. Now, coming to the Agent, each one of them has three unique abilities and one ultimate ability.

Now, although Valorant has 12 Agents in total, only two of them are being played the most in the world right now. A recent tweet from the Valorant official twitter handle says JETT and SAGE are the two most played Characters or Agents in the world right now. The tweet says, JETT is being played the most in the US, Turkey, and Korea, whereas, SAGE is being played the most in Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.

most played valorant agents
Valorant Most Played Agents by Region | Source: Twitter @valorant

Why SAGE and JETT are the most played Agents in Valorant?

Now, In their unique and ultimate ability both these Agents (SAGE and JETT) are completely different from each other. As Valorant team haven’t specified why most gamers around the world choose these two agents the most out of 12 agents available in the game, may be the table down below help us to know the answer. In the table below, I classified these two agents based on their Class, Playstyle, Unique and Ultimate Abilities.

Unique AbilitiesHeal Orb, Slow Orb, Barrier OrbCloudburst, Updraft, Tailwind
Ultimate AbilityResurrectionBlade Storm
Comparing Sage and Jett (Agents in Valorant)

Following the table you can also assert, In Valorant, right now, a player either wants to be a fighter or a healer. This data is important because it helps you to see how gamers around the world are feeling about Valorant right now.

Note: The above data is released before Valorant Act 3. That means, you can say SAGE and JETT are the most played agents so far till Valorant Act 2. Let’s see they able to hold the same position till the completion of Act 3 or not.

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