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While the whole world is in lockdown, Different Digital companies in between launches several products and features to virtually connect or gather more and more people online. That why In the past few weeks we see many companies increasing the limit to participate in a group video call. So, either its Skype, WhatsApp or the controversial Zoom app. Now, to take on all these apps, Facebook has announced to roll out Messenger Rooms in coming weeks and In this article, I’m gonna talk all about the Messenger Rooms.

What is Messenger Rooms?

First and the foremost, I would like to tell you that, Messenger Rooms is not a seperate app. It works inside Messenger or in a browser and you can think of it as a virtual Room where many users (more specifically a total of 50 users) can join to video chat with each other without a time limit. So, one can use Messenger Rooms for either celebrating virtual birthdays, or creating book clubs, parent groups and so on.

How to use Messenger Rooms?

Facebook has made Messenger Rooms so simple to use. One can create a room right from the Messenger or Facebook and then invite anyone via link to join the same room. That means users joining the room may not have a Facebook account or using the Messenger app. All they need is to click on the link and they join the room right in their browser.

To make Messenger Rooms controllable, there are features to easily kick people out of the room or to lock a room or to close it. These features, on the other hand, are managed by the user created the room and Facebook have no ability to view or listen to the calls of the room.

Messenger Rooms Availability

Right now, Messenger Rooms are available in some countries and will roll out to more countries including the US in coming weeks. Also, Messenger Rooms going to add more features in their services in coming months.

How to Create Messenger Rooms on Facebook?

Credits: Alexandru Voica

As you can see on the Photo above, Creating a Messenger Room is so simple. Facebook (and so do the Messenger) soon going to add an option or shortcut to Create Room. Tapping on the Create Room option pokes you to customize some more options like Room Activity, Who can discover and Join, and, Start Time. You can then copy the Room link to invite people to join the room. In the above photo we can see that public rooms are present on the top of the story section which anyone can join. Let’s see when Messenger Rooms going to be available for all of us.

Comment below, to let us know, whether Messenger Rooms has been available in your country or not.

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