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In this article, I have explained the step by step process to how to customize your Skype Background for Video calls in detail.

In a bid to make your video call look cooler, Skype has added a feature to let you add custom backgrounds for your video calls. The new feature is part of Skype and is available on Skype for Web, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Things you can do with your Background on Skype Video Calls

Coming to the background, you can either add a custom image or can blur the existing background. If you want to add an image, Skype recommends using an image in landscape orientation, and the same image must be saved locally on your computer. Also, do note that Windows 10 (version 14) users can’t add a custom background; however, they can blur the background. Also, to blur the background, Skype says, your system must have Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) installed. You can Google your system manufacturer name to see whether they have installed AVX2 extension in your system or not.

One more thing you can do with the background is, either you can customize it for one video call or all video calls.

How to Blur or Customize your Background for a video call on Skype?

While on the call, hover over to the Video icon button or Click on the More menu.

Then, Click on the Choose Background Effect option.

Now, here you can either Blur the background or choose an image that you previously added or can Add a new image that you have saved locally on your computer.

So, this is how you can customize your background for a video call on Skype. Now, let’s see how you can customize your background for all video calls on Skype.

How to Blur or Customize your Background for all video calls on Skype?

Here, you have to first click on your Profile Picture.

Then, Click on the Settings > Audio & Video.

Then, you see Choose Background Effect option. Under the same option, you find options to either Blur the Background, Choose a previously added image, or can add a new image.

Source: Skype Blog

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