how use skype meet now without skype account

After COVID 19 outbreak, most of the world is in Lockdown, and that increases the popularity of Video Calling apps. Infact the popularity of some of the new Video Calling Apps in the market flys like a rocket. Examples are Zoom and Houseparty.

The increasing popularity of new video calling apps degrading the usage of old and evergreen video calling apps like Skype. Seeing this, Skype has upgraded one of its existing feature called Meet Now that now enables the user to initiate a video group chat with other users without having a Skype account, or Skype installed on their machine.

In this article, I am going to explain to you How to use the Skype Meet now feature without having a Skype account.

How to use Skype Meet Now Feature without having a Skype account?

To counter the growing popularity of other newbies, Skype has upgraded its Meet Now Feature that is now accessible without having a Skype account or Skype Installed in a user machine.

To use Skype Meet Now without having a Skype account, you can directly go to the link mentioned below.

As soon as you visit this link, Skype generates a unique link to initiate a conference video call, as I show you in the screenshot below.

Features available in Skype Meet Now for Web

Skype says, One can use Meet Now for Web to the full potential of Skype’s features, and it includes the below-mentioned features.

Record your call and save it for later review.

With this feature, you can record your call for upto 30 days to later review it or either taking notes from it.

Blur your background before entering the call

There are some cases when you don’t want your picture to appear on a Video call, well in that case, here you can turn on the background blur feature.

Share your screen whenever necessary.

In businesses, the Screen Sharing feature is essential while having a video conference. In Skype Meet now for the web, one can easily share presentations, work materials, and designs on a conference video call.

So, that is all about Skype Meet Now for Web, and if you have any questions or doubts, ask us in the comment box down below.

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