Google Photos to soon let you Zoom Video Playback

While watching the video, we often see something in the video that feels like zooming well, but due to the lack of this feature in our video player, we are unable to do so. To fill this gap, Google is rolling out the feature of zooming videos in Google Photos. Although Google has been testing this feature since December 2019, but now it seems that server side rollout of this feature is happening. Through this feature, people can now also zoom the video while playing it in Google Photos.

Recently, this feature was first revealed by a Reddit user. He reported that while playing the video, he accidentally double-tapped the screen, causing the video to zoom in. He then zoomed out the video after pinching the screen.

On the post of the user on reddit, other users commented that at the moment some people are able to access this feature, while others are still deprived of this feature. It is clear from this that Google is rolling out this feature via the server side update.

Rita of Android Police tells that she has installed the same version of Google Photos app in her Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 5 phones, but she is able to access this feature only in her Pixel 5 phone.

Why is Google Photos not an advanced video player at the moment?

Google Photos is not currently an advanced video player because this app is currently missing some important features. For example, in Google Photos, you cannot skip videos, rewind videos, etc.

In Google Photos you can trim and rotate the video and now as the zoom feature is rolling out from the server side update, soon you can also zoom in by pinching or double tapping the video. With the first double tap, on one side you can zoom in the video, while the second double tap allows you to zoom out the video.

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