Now test Video Streaming Experience through Ookla Speedtest
Now test Video Streaming Experience through Ookla Speedtest

Popular internet speed test website Ookla Speedtest has launched a new tool that let you able to test how much video resolution your internet is capable to show you without buffering.

Although Ookla has made this tool available to the public for free, it is currently available only on the iOS platform. But Ookla has confirmed to make this tool available on other operating systems soon.

Video Test Tool measures Adaptive Bitrate of the Network

About this new tool, Okla has stated in a blog post that streamed video content is typically delivered to the device via Adaptive Bitrate technology. Adaptive bitrate technology adjusts the quality of the video in real time, given the Internet condition. The Ookla video test tool will give you recommended adaptive bitrate measurements of your network condition and will show how much resolution of video your device can show without buffering in your existing Internet connection.

As I told you above, the Ookla video test tool is currently available for iOS devices, let’s know how to access it.

How to access Ookla Video Test Tool?

Ookla Speedtest Video Test Option
Ookla Speedtest Video Test Option | Credits: SpeedTest

To access this video test tool on your iOS device, first download the Speedtest app.

Open the app and there you will see the Video option at the bottom of the app, tap on it and then tap on the “Go” option shown on the screen. The test of video streaming capability of your internet connection will begin.

Ookla increased the user experience of its Speedtest app

In order to increase user experience, Okla has moved some options of its Speedtest app from here to there. Let us know which are these options.

1. Now you will find your network and device information, server selection, and speedtest settings option in the sliding drawer of the speed tab.

2. From the Hamburger menu in the top right corner, you will be able to access the result history, app settings, privacy policy etc.

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