best internet speed test app website
best internet speed test app website

In this article, I’m going to reveal some of the Best Internet Speed Test App and Website available on the web. These websites and apps help you to test your network connection speed. For example, the overall bandwidth, latency, download speed, and upload speed.

However, before revealing these sites and apps, let me list out the factors that are affecting network speed so that you first take care of that part.

Factors Affecting Network Speed

Primarily, the Internet speed is affected by 3 factors that I have mentioned below.

  1. Hardware and the Plan: The Internet Connection Speed heavily depends on the type of Hardware you are using. For example, if you are on a wired connection say broadband, then you get more stability in comparison to the mobile internet. Also, if you are using cheap routers, it degrades your network speed. So, I recommend you to use TP-Link, Netgear, or D-Link router models. Next is the plan you subscribed to for your Internet connection. It is pretty evident if you take the 100Mbps plan, it gives you more speed in comparison to the 10Mbps plan and vice versa.
  2. Number of Users: Say you are on a 10Mbps plan and have installed wifi. Now, the more the number of users connected to the wifi, the internet speed distributed equally among them. Hence, a device gets a slower network speed.
  3. Area: Sometimes, Internet speed also depends on the area. For example, in a dense area, if you assemble external wifi then, the connection latency increases, and the result is we get slower network speed.

So, primarily, these are the three factors that affect your network speed. Hence, before testing your network speed, please do consider these factors in mind.

Tip: To test you Internet Speed accurately, I suggest you close all the activities running in your device that is using your Internet connection — for example, unnecessary browser tabs and apps.

Now, let us take a look at the best internet speed test app and website.

List of Best Internet Speed Test App and Website

  1. Powered by Netflix, this site is so simple to use that once you open it, it automatically starts testing the network speed. Once it completes the ping, it shows you the Internet speed (but don’t get confused that’s the download speed), latency, and the upload speed (once you open the more info section).
  2. We all have heard of Speedtest, one of the oldest network speed test providers on the web. It is available on most of the platforms. For example, iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome, and Apple TV.
  3. I recently came to know about this new platform that also does the same thing speedtest, and are doing. I included it into my list because it also has a simple interface. 
  4. PTCLSPEEDTEST.NET: The PTCL internet speed test tool is a free testing utility that enables you to assess the speed of your internet connection and accurately measure its quality. It goes beyond simply gauging your connection speed by providing detailed information about your upload and download speeds, as well as your ping and jitter rates.

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