Apple Maps may soon let users to report Accidents and Hazards

Once in a while we may have encountered a situation in which we got stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident or a hazardous event happened ahead on the road. Now think of it, what happens if we know about such an event before we follow such a road. We will be able to save some of our time, right?

Apple maps is working on a solution for that. As per a Mac Rumours report, in the latest Apple Maps app in iOS 14.5 beta, developers and beta testers are able to spot a feature that lets the user to report an Accident, Hazards, and Speed Checks on the route.

How to report Accidents, Hazards, and Speed Checks on Apple Maps?

A new Report Button has added in the Apple Maps App in the latest iOS 14.5 beta. As soon as a user taps on the same button, it reveals a list of options – Accident, Hazard, and Speed Check. Now, once the user taps on any of these three options, Apple Maps automatically captures the user location to mark the event appropriately. Crowdsourcing these data from a numerous users, Apple Maps then in turn alerts other users not to follow the same road.

One can find the report button, simply by opening the Apple Maps app at first and then swiping up the app interface.

How to report Accidents, Hazards, and Speed Check on Apple Maps? | Photo Credit: MacRumors

Beside using the Report Button, the user can also report the mentioned event simply by telling a voice command to the Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Below is the same voice command.

“Hey Siri, There is an Accident on the Road”.

Although Apple Maps is releasing this feature now, Google Maps has rolled it out in October 2019 and Waze was the first one to introduce this feature in March 2019.

Reporting accidents and hazardous events in Apple Maps for iOS 14.5 Beta is currently spotted available only for users living in the United States. Let’s see when Apple gonna roll it out in the stable build globally.

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