iOS users can now report Accidents, Traffic Jams, and Speed Traps on Google Maps

Day by Day, Google is making its map platform called Google Maps better by Implementing useful features. Now, Google Maps has added some more features for the iOS users that are already available for the Android one. These features help you to report real time Accidents, Traffic Jams, and Speed Traps on Google Maps. So, you can see that these features make Google Maps more social.

Just think! If many users are reporting such events on the platform How much it became useful for everyone, isn’t it? We save so much of our time by using these features.

The other set of features Google Maps rolled out is for both the iOS users and the Android one. These features help you to report incidents like construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road.

Now, Coming to accessing all the features I mentioned above, you can access it only while navigating a route. While navigating a route, there is a plus icon you can find on your screen. Clicking on that plus icon reveals different options to report incidents and events I mentioned above. You can then use those options to report such different events and incidents.

These sets of new features globally rolled out on October 17, as reported in a Google Blog post. Therefore, we expect them to land on our device in the coming weeks.

Now, commenting on these features, Waze users must be familiar with them. That’s because these are some of the core features one can find in the Waze app. Also, these features are the reason why people still choose Waze over Google Maps. Now it looks like Google Maps in a spree to borrow features from the Waze app. That’s because earlier it does so. If you remember, back in June this year, Google Maps welcome a feature called Speedometer that initiates from Waze. Some of the other features Google Maps borrowed from the Waze app includes Speed Cameras, Spotting Hazards, Nearby Gas price, and more.

So, the question is, Does Google plans to dump the Waze App? If so, then that become a great way to beat a rival. Those of you who don’t know Google Bought waze for $966 million in June 2013 and from then on Google fetching features from Waze and putting them on Google Maps. Waze and Google Maps belong to the same niche as you can see, both of them providing mapping services. However, there are still some features that are only available in the Waze app, and right now, Google Maps doesn’t own them.

So, Which mapping platform you like the most or using it in your day to day life? Don’t forget to let us aware of your opinion and Thoughts in the comment section down below.

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