List of Movies and TV Shows Coming on Disney Plus

Back on November 2018Disney CEO Bob Iger announced about their upcoming On-Demand Video Streaming Service called Disney Plus. He also reveals the website will go live in the year 2019. The exact date was not sure then.

Now, here we are, Disney Plus is going to launch on November 2019. Initially, it launches in 5 countries. However, the launch date varies. For example, In the US, Canada and Netherland it is launching on November 12, whereas, In Australia and New Zealand it is launching on November 19.

In India, we expect Disney Plus is not going to roll out as a separate platform. As you can see In India, Walt Disney already owns an On-Demand Video streaming service called Hotstar (A subsidiary of Star India). Therefore, we believe, Disney Plus and its shows are going to roll out in India on Hotstar.

Now, as you can see that Walt Disney owns Disney Plus; therefore, it contains content from the different entertainment studios Walt Disney owned.

List of All Entertainment Studios Owned by Walt Disney

  1. Walt Disney Studios
  2. Pixar Entertainment
  3. National Geographic
  4. Marvel
  5. 20th Century Fox
  6. Lucas Films

Now, In a recent Twitter Post, Disney Plus unveiled the list of shows and movies coming on it. Below I have shared that list.

Movies and TV Shows Coming to Disney Plus

Disney Plus Movies TV Shows List
Disney Plus Movies TV Shows List
  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  2. Captain Marvel
  3. Toy Story
  4. Star Wars – The Force Awakens
  5. National Geographic Free Solo
  6. Lizzie Mcguire
  7. Moana (Animation)
  8. Duck Tales (Cartoon)
  9. Tangled (Animation)
  10. The Incredibles (Animation)
  11. X-Men (Animation)
  12. Star Wars – The Mandalorian (TV Show)
  13. High School Musical
  14. 10 Things I hate about you (TV Show)
  15. Adventures of Gummi Bears (Cartoon)
  16. Aladdin (Animation)
  17. Ant Man (Movie)
  18. Avengers – Age of Ultron (Movie)
  19. Beauty and The Beast (Animation)
  20. Boy Meets World (TV Show)
  21. Brink (TV Show)
  22. The Cheetah Girls (TV Show)
  23. Chip n Dale – The Rescue Rangers (Cartoon)
  24. The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Movie)
  25. Cinderella (Cartoon)
  26. Darkwing Duck (Cartoon)
  27. Descendants
  28. The Emperor’s New Groove (Cartoon)
  29. Fantastic Four (Cartoon)
  30. Finding Nemo (Animation)
  31. Gargoyles (Cartoon)
  32. Goof Troop (Cartoon)
  33. Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie)
  34. Halloween Town
  35. Heavyweights
  36. Hercules (Cartoon)
  37. Hercules – The Animated Series
  38. High School Musical
  39. Inside Out (Animation)

Well, from the above list, you can see that Disney Plus right now is more focused on Cartoons and Animations initially. However, we believe they would successively roll out TV Shows and Movies later on.

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