YouTube has reduced video streaming quality in India

To prevent the growing infection of the Coronavirus in the country, Last night, at 8 pm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered the country to be fully locked down for 21 days. Full Lockdown means all services, except for some essential services (such as Internet services, health-related services, news services, etc.), will be discontinued until April 14.

Now, because of the Lockdown, people spent more time at home, the result is Video streaming companies such as YouTube have recorded high traffic in their streaming services. At the same time, because of the sudden increase in streaming traffic, the network operators in the country do not have to face any network congestion, YouTube today announced that in India, during the Lockdown, they will not allow the user to access content in more than 480 pixels on the mobile network. 480 pixels are called standard quality on YouTube, while 720p and 1080p are called high definition and ultra high definition quality.

Earlier YouTube had set the default streaming quality to 480 pixels in Europe only due to the increasing infection of Coronavirus. Today, YouTube’s spokesperson said that given Corona’s Global Crisis, YouTube has now set the default streaming quality to 480p all over the world.

YouTube is not the first in India to reduce video streaming quality. Facebook and Instagram have also done the same to cure network congestion.

Apart from all this, Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have so far reduced their video streaming quality in Europe.

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