pornhub offers free premium subscription worldwide
pornhub offers free premium subscription worldwide

In a bid to help people flatten the COVID-19 curve by provoking them to say at home, Yesterday, Pornhub announced they are now giving their Premium Subscription free to all the users Worldwide until April 23.

Pornhub starts giving its Premium Subscription for free when seeing a massive Corona outbreak in Italy that leads to many death in the same country. Then, Pornhub giving the same service free to Spain and France. Now, In a tweet shared yesterday, the adult entertainment site announced to give the premium subscription free to all users worldwide.

When Pornhub Vice President, Corey Price, asked about the same, he said, amid Lockdown in various countries due to Corona, we are providing an entertaining way to help people stay at home. The more people stay at home, the more we able to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Now, Talking about the Premium subscription, If we follow the Pornhub website, then a month of premium membership costs $9.99. However, if one chooses a yearly membership, then the monthly cost reduces to $7.99. Talking about the benefits of Premium subscription, it offers faster streaming, high quality, high-speed downloads without any ads.

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