Google News COVID 19 Section
Google News COVID 19 Section

Meanwhile, the world is battling with one of the most deadly Pandemics called COVID-19 a.k.a Coronavirus, Google is equipping us with to fight with the lack of information about the same disease.

In a bid to make our battle against this deadly pandemic easier, Today, Google has rolled out a special section in Google News that cover everything about COVID-19.

One can find the same section in the front when open Google News. This new special section that covers everything about COVID-19 is present right in front when we open Google News.

Below In the screenshot, I have highlighted the two-place from where you could access the same section.

Now, Once you visit the Same section, there you find all the news and articles about COVID-19 from different publishers who are on Google News. As per a Wikipedia report, Google News aggregates content from more than 20,000 publishers. However, the number is now maybe more prominent as Google News recently make some changes in their console and accepting content from the web too.

Well, In my opinion, this new COVID-19 section in Google News is pretty well planned as I can see different sections inside it. One section inside it is covering all the latest news about it called the Top News section. The other section provides all the Health Information about this disease. For example, its prevention, symptoms, and treatment from the World Health Organization and others. There is another section that covers all those articles that shows the economic impact because of this virus. Another section is covering all the research relevant articles about COVID-19 pandemic, whereas there is a section that covers only those articles that calculates the travel impact because of this virus.

One more thing I would like to add is, In Google News, Once you select the country and then access the COVID-19 section, then you get everything about COVID-19 happening in the country you have selected.

So, that is all about the topic we are discussing. If you lack to gain any information, about everything is happening about COVID-19 in our country, and you can access the all-new COVID-19 section inside Google News.

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