make Windows 10 Faster by Tunning OFF Animation Effect

Windows 10 has a neat feature of animating many things inside the operating system. However, deep down, it also absorbs some memory that results in performance issues.

There are many spots where the Windows 10 animation effect comes in action. For example, The Fade in, Fade Out effect that we see while minimizing or maximizing a window. The other one is the slide in, slide out effect that appears on the scroll bar present on the right-hand side. Many comparable animation effects are present on Windows 10 that continuously draining our system memory which in turn results in performance issues.

Well, there are cases when we do not want to animate things on Windows 10, say we need some performance enhancement. For such situation, Windows 10 gives us an option to turn off animation effects inside the operating system. Here is how you can do it.

How to Turn OFF Animation Effect in Windows 10?

All you have to do is open Windows Settings then go to Ease of Access then, scroll down below and turn off the animations option present. In the screenshot below, I have shared the same details.

Turning off animations in Windows 10 doesn’t prompt any issues, but your chicer computing experience will unquestionably be changed.

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