How to get Full Battery Notification in Windows 10?

In this article, I explain you to How to get full battery notification in Windows 10? In Windows 10, Microsoft gives us the facility to set Two types of Battery Notification. The first one is Low Battery Notification while the other one is Critical Battery Notification. You can set these both by going to the below location.

Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Edit Plan Settings>Change Advance Power Settings>Battery

Default Battery Notifications Option in Windows 10

As you can see Microsoft has not give us an option for Full Battery Notification. So, How do we set a full battery Notification in Windows 10? Well, you can do so by creating a Visual Basic Script file in you Notepad. You should thank John Howard, the Senior Program Manager, Hyper-V team, Windows Core Operating System Division, you actually write the code for all of us.

How to Get Full Notification in Windows 10?

The very first thing you have to do is copy paste the below code in a new Notepad file with the name anyname.vbs.

set oLocator = CreateObject(“WbemScripting.SWbemLocator”)
set oServices = oLocator.ConnectServer(“.”,”root\wmi”)
set oResults = oServices.ExecQuery(“select * from batteryfullchargedcapacity”)
for each oResult in oResults
iFull = oResult.FullChargedCapacity
while (1)
set oResults = oServices.ExecQuery(“select * from batterystatus”)
for each oResult in oResults
iRemaining = oResult.RemainingCapacity
bCharging = oResult.Charging
iPercent = ((iRemaining / iFull) * 100) mod 100
if bCharging and (iPercent > 95) Then msgbox “Battery is at ” & iPercent & “%”,vbInformation, “Battery monitor”
wscript.sleep 30000 ‘ 5 minutes

Note: The Above code gives you a full battery notification when your Battery Percentage crosses 95% charging. You can set any value by changing in iPercent > 95.

After creating the file copy and paste it in the Windows 10 Startup folder. You can open the startup folder by pressing WIN+R key. Then type the shell:startup and press enter.

How to open Startup folder in Windows 10?

Benefit of Getting Full Battery Notification in Windows 10

First you save some electricity by getting a reminder to Turn off your Charger. Second, overcharging a battery decreases its life-span (as excessive charging destroying the charge storing cells). Third, Laptop battery costs are Higher. Therefore, why not give this method a kick.

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