How to Calibrate PC or SmartPhones Battery
How to Calibrate PC or SmartPhones Battery

In this article, we are going to tell you to How to Calibrate PC or SmartPhones Battery? Presently, If I’ll tell you that we are living in an era of Technology. Undoubtedly, You guys will agree to this. Most of us understand that without technology we cannot even think of fulfilling our day to day needs. Additionally, If we talk about technology, then what comes first in your mind? Undoubtedly it is Smartphones, Laptop, PC etc.

We all know these devices run on battery. So, we need to preserve and utilize our battery efficiently. We all are familiar with, the Non-Removable batteries present in today’s devices. So, Taking Care of it is also very important, which we people don’t do regularly because of our busy schedule. What we do to save our battery life is: we install different battery saver apps. On a long run, these apps won’t work. Not only they will degrade the device performance but also they will decay the battery exponentially.

Furthermore, if the battery savers also don’t work. We pay a visit to the service centers where experts can easily replace our device’s. Moreover, it is quite an easy task but on the other hand, it will hit our pocket. So, what to do now?

We are here with the solution that will perfectly suit your purpose. In this article, we are guiding you with a list of steps through which you can perform battery calibration with an ease on any device. You just have to spare only 10-20 minutes weekly.

  • We perform Battery Calibration to correct the State of Charge (SOC) mismatch occur in our device.
  • It is necessary for making our device battery healthy.
  • You can read about State of Charge Mismatch here: State of Charge Mismatch.

How to Calibrate PC or SmartPhones Battery?

  1. First, you have to Full charge your battery while your PC or Phone is in ON state.
  2. After your PC/Phone is Full charged, Shutdown or Switch off your PC or Phone and then again plug in your phone charger to the Electric board ( this is to ensure that your phone is fully charged may be through LED notification light & those Phones in which LED notification isn’t Present wait for some time for on-screen notification).
  3. When the PC or Phone is fully charged with the above two-step verification procedure.
  4. Unplug your device from charging and use it until the charge drops to 0% and it turns off by itself.
  5. Now after your Device is fully Discharge, Reconnect your charger and then turn on your device and charge it till it reaches 100%.
  6. That’s it your device Calibration process is complete.

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