hardwares you look in smartphone
hardwares you look in smartphone

What are all the important Hardwares You look in Smartphone while Buying it?

Here we are talking about what are all the hardwares you look in smartphone when you are planning to buy a new one? When you are planning to buy a new smartphone or even selecting a new smartphone. You just have to take a break and read our brand new article. We are that much sure this article is worth reading to you. Here, we help you to think out of the box and also help you to choose the smartphone from the hardware perspective. Below we provide you the list of all the things you must have to look at your brand new smartphone. So, take a break here and give it a read.

List of all the Important hardwares you look in Smartphone

From our perspective these are the hardware which we have listed below you should look in a smartphone when you are planning to buy a new one:

What is the build quality of the smartphone?

In build quality, we are talking about two thing which is: Material and Design.

First, we talk about material means what is the material which covers most of the area of the phone. Right now most of the handsets in the market are built with metals or plastics. From choosing between metals and plastic you have to look at your budget. If your budget is too tight then you can go over with plastic otherwise you can choose metals. The budget gap between the metal and plastic build is not too much. So from our perspective, you can go with metals. Since it is better in terms of protection if your handset falls. Metals also not losing it’s assembling when the time goes on but plastics do.

In design, we talk about how does the handset looks. So, In this category, some metal finishing looks good and some plastic finishing looks good. But it all depends upon the how the user takes care of its smartphone. Here we meant to say Some users are careless about their phone usage. If they choose good plastic finished handset they always have to wear their smartphone with a bulky cover on its back so here well-finished handset design is not playing its role and vice versa.

So, In our opinion you can go over with metal finished smartphone for protection from shattering and get a well finished metallic look.

Which processor does the smartphone hold?

Whenever you are choosing the processor of your smartphone you have to first think what you are going to do with your smartphone?

Some users are mainly using a smartphone for photo editing, Browsing, and another light end task. For them, they can choose any mid-range processors of Qualcomm. The mid-range Qualcomm processors fall under the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and 400 series. I am not recommending mediatek because their processors are always outdated in the current scenario.

Now, On the other hand, we have some users who are mainly using smartphones for Gaming, Browsing, and other multitasking or multi-switching works. For them, they can choose any of the high-end processors of Qualcomm with respect to the there budget. The high-end Qualcomm processors fall under the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and 800 series in the Industry right now.

What is the battery capacity of the smartphone?

The battery usage also varies from person to person. The high-end users must have to choose a battery capacity of greater or equals to 3500mAh. On the other hand, the lightweight users of the phone can easily go with the battery capacity of 3000mAh.

What is the type and size of the display of the smartphone?

Choosing display also varies from person to person. Some users use smartphone mainly for videos surfing, Photo editing, viewing movies and other high-end display related work. For them, they can choose a display of size 5.5 to 6 inch with a resolution of Full HD to QHD. Now the normal users who use smartphone mainly for browsing, social media, surfing the internet they can go with 5 to 5.5 inch with a resolution of HD to FHD. Now whether you are a normal or high-end user you should have to take care that your display must be at least 720 pixels with a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch.

What is the amount of storage does the smartphone have?

Storage refers to the internal and external storage of the smartphone. The internal storage is where mainly all your apps are installed and all the app files are located. The more the internal storage the number of apps you could install on your smartphone. The internal storage of the smartphone is maximum up to 64GB in the industry right now. You could choose the internal storage space according to the apps you may want to install in the future. Means you could use a stable number of apps or you could you a variety of apps. One thing you should remember that what is the available internal storage space you mainly get. Means every smartphone have some pre-installed apps on it which takes some space and that pre-installed app you might not like. So, in that case, you have to better check out what is the available storage space you get.

The same explanation holds for external storage but the difference is external storage is the space where you store all your external files like downloaded files, movies, pictures etc. In internal storage also you put these files but internal storage is mainly for system installed files. The variety of external storage range from 16GB to 256GB. One thing you should have to remember that what is the space till the external storage space is expandable up to.

What is the quality of the camera the smartphone have?

Don’t be in an illusion that the greater the megapixel the best the camera will be. You have to look at the pixel size, autofocus, aperture and ISO level also. The more the pixels the sharper or greater the quality of the image. If the camera has autofocus the more accurately the camera points at the picture. The greater the aperture the best point and shoot picture can be taken. The better the ISO level the best picture can be taken in low lights. A professional smartphone photographer can go with 12 to 16 Megapixels with an aperture of f2.0 to f2.2 with autofocus and great ISO levels. While a normal photographer can go with 8 to 12 Megapixels with an aperture of f2.0 with or without autofocus and ISO levels.

So, these are the hardware perspective a user always have to think about when planning to buy a new smartphone.

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